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Fondation des Fondateurs
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Fondation des Fondateurs
Fondation des Fondateurs

Swiss South Caucasus Foundation (SSCF)

Founded: 2017


Promotion of the transition process in the South Caucasus - notably in Armenia and Georgia - by initiating, coaching and implementing education and development projects focused on practical impact.

Support for transition

The activities of the SSCF are focused on transition development in the South Caucasus, which is determined by ethnic, political and economic problems. The focus is on targeted project promotion in the two neighbouring and yet so different countries Georgia and Armenia. A broad range of support is provided, geared to basic education and basic needs.

For example, the SSCF initiates and supports key areas such as agriculture and tourism as well as school and university projects with great implementation and application benefits through education-related development projects. All promotional activities are designed to identify and implement potential and then to lead these into independence as projects. The promotion does not therefore have the character of subsidies; it should not lead to dependencies.


In the South Caucasus, ethnic and national conflicts are sometimes virulent. For reasons of personal and property protection and to avoid superficial comparisons, the SSCF neither publishes the projects it supports nor maintains its own website. The security of the people involved and the feasibility of the selected projects outweigh the fundamental demand for far-reaching public transparency in the foundation sector.


At its core, the foundation is an operational field of activity outsourced by the Gebert Rüf Foundation. It is mainly funded by this Foundation within the framework of annual programmes, but also works with third-party funding.



Dr. Dr. h.c. Philipp Egger

+41 79 318 66 77

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