Foundation board and office - dedicated expertise: Small - competent - connected

Foundation board and office - dedicated expertise Small - competent - connected

Broadly diversified

Through the members of the foundation board and the management team, who are well connected in the national and international foundation sector, Fondation des Fondateurs has access to first-class knowhow in the fields of philanthropy, foundation law, foundation management and asset management. Fondation des Fondateurs maintains a lively exchange with SwissFoundations and its members as well as the other umbrella foundations in Switzerland.

The foundation board is committed to the concerns of the individual foundations under the umbrella of Fondation des Fondateurs and is happy to make its know-how and network available.

Longstanding experience

The administrative office is responsible for the operational activities of Fondation des Fondateurs. It is your first point of contact for all questions relating to your foundation idea or your existing foundation. You can expect a streamlined team that will provide you with competent and professional advice and support.

The foundation board and the management publish regularly on topics related to the foundation sector, including the "Swiss Foundation Code. This practice-oriented publication provides guidelines on the establishment of a grant-making foundation as well as its governance, organization, management and supervision, grant-making activities, financial and investment policy. Thus, an indispensable framework for the modern and professional management of charitable foundations.