Donating made easy: Shelter from negative developments

Donating made easy Shelter from negative developments

Tailor-made implementation

Cost efficiency is only one of the many advantages of a foundation under the umbrella of Fondation des Fondateurs. A further plus is the flexibility with which you as a founder can implement your individual concerns. It is up to you to decide whether you want to become involved in the selection and supervision of the projects yourself or whether you simply want to be informed about the activities and results. If the purpose of the foundation has been fulfilled, your endowment fund can be closed again without a costly liquidation process. If you wish, it is also possible to change the purpose within the framework of the legal possibilities. Finally, a dependent foundation can be converted into an independent one, if necessary.

Simplified tax exemption

Establishing a foundation under the umbrella of Fondation des Fondateurs is simple and efficient. Within a short period of time, a dedicated foundation fund can be established. The time-consuming and costly tax exemption process, which is necessary for an independent foundation can be avoided.

Sustainable protection

Thanks to the consolidated structures and independence from outside interests Fondation des Fondateurs provides the foundations under its umbrella extensive protection against negative developments - be it dependency on costly service providers, damaging conflicts of interest or dilution of the foundation's purpose.