Origin: The story behind it

Origin The story behind it

Foundation founder

Lori Lutz-Dinkel, the well-read, widely travelled and committed wife of Karl Lutz, saw herself as an enabler throughout her life. She always wanted to initiate something meaningful that would develop further. To support other people in something, for which she herself had to fight hard to achieve, was the guiding principle throughout her entire life. This especially showed in her commitment as founder of Fondation des Fondateurs and donor of the Lori & Karl Lutz Fund.

Making a difference

An article in the "Schweizer Monatshefte" (now "Swiss Month") in 2006 aroused the interest of Lori Lutz: Most charitable foundations are too small to effectively implement their funding goals. If several donors shared administration, bookkeeping, etc., more money would be left for the funding objectives.

The couple had been thinking for many years about bequeathing their assets to a charitable cause. However, they could not find an institution that corresponded to their ideas. And they wondered whether their assets were large enough to justify the establishment of their own foundation.

Lori Lutz felt personally addressed by the newspaper article and immediately contacted the author. In the course of many conversations, the idea of establishing an exemplary umbrella foundation took shape. At the end of March 2007, Fondation des Fondateurs was finally established in Buchberg SH.

Education and life planning

The motive for becoming involved as a donor can be understood from the personal history of Lori Lutz: As a craftswoman's daughter, she grew up in simple circumstances. As a schoolgirl she lived, as she herself said, from German lesson to German lesson. For economic reasons, however, she was unable to put her passion for literature into practice in the German studies she longed for. Instead, she took a commercial diploma and found her way into professional life as a secretary. After the Second World War, she joined the Sandoz company, where she worked her way up to become head of documentation and was the first woman in the group to be granted power of attorney.

Member of the foundation board 2007 - 2011

Lori Lutz and her husband not only founded Fondation des Fondateurs, but also set up the Lori and Karl Lutz Fund, the first dedicated fund of the young umbrella foundation, a support fund primarily for training projects for disadvantaged women. After the death of her husband, she devoted herself particularly energetically to building up Fondation des Fondateurs as a founding member of the foundation board. In the middle of her work she died in 2011 at the age of 88.