Foundation pooling - efficient project funding: Lower costs for the implementation of your foundation idea

Foundation pooling - efficient project funding Lower costs for the implementation of your foundation idea

Flexibility thanks to a common umbrella

Thanks to foundation pooling in the form of joint legal structures, the establishment of foundations under one roof is simpler, faster and more flexible than setting up an independent foundation.

Pooling pays off

Management pooling based on a joint administration ensures cost-effective management of the earmarked fund assets. This is done within the scope of the total assets of the umbrella foundation. However, the resources of the endowment fund will be reported separately and can be increased at any time.

Concentration of forces

The knowhow pooling combines expertise and experience, which are used to find competent and efficient solutions to problems relating to funding strategy, legal and financial issues.

Knowhow for independent foundations

Fondation des Fondateurs also provides hosting for independent foundations and - if desired - additionally takes on their management.