The mission statement of Fondation des Fondateurs: Pioneer spirit, individuality, flexibility

The mission statement of Fondation des Fondateurs Pioneer spirit, individuality, flexibility


Fondation des Fondateurs is politically, ideologically and religiously neutral. It works independently of banks and other financial service providers and is free from any commercial and other interests that might interfere with the umbrella foundation's mission.

Solid and effective structures

Fondation des Fondateurs offers founders and donors a solid umbrella for the individual, effective, cost-efficient and long-term implementation of their funding needs, protected from any risks.

Democratization of the foundation idea

As an umbrella foundation, Fondation des Fondateurs also offers a solution for founders with fewer resources to implement their personal funding ideas. This often involves searching for new legal options. Fondation des Fondateurs is proud to pioneer with meaningful innovations in this field.

Governance and knowhow

Fondation des Fondateurs has set itself the goal of actively contributing to the development of the foundation sector and setting standards in the area of foundation governance. Its board members are recognized experts in foundation matters and co-authors of the Swiss Foundation Code.

As a charitable foundation with national and international operations, Fondation des Fondateurs is subject to the Swiss Federal Supervisory Authority for Foundations. It adheres to the Swiss Foundation Code and is a member of Swiss Foundations, the association of Swiss grant-making foundations.

Effectiveness and cost efficiency

Fondation des Fondateurs operates according to entrepreneurial principles both in the provision of services and in the management of the foundation’s assets. Efficiency and effectiveness are the goals by which we measure ourselves every year.