Our services: Especially for medium and small assets

Our services Especially for medium and small assets

Solid structures

The independent and neutral Fondation des Fondateurs aims to make donating as easy as possible for you. Founded by a visionary couple in 2007, it is now the leading umbrella foundation in Switzerland. Managed with proven philanthropy expertise, Fondation des Fondateurs is professionally committed to the implementation of your grant making goals.


Effective foundation activity

Those who dedicate their assets to a charitable purpose want to achieve the greatest possible effect per foundation franc. Cost efficiency is therefore just as crucial in philanthropy as in the profit-oriented business world.


Flexible structure

Cost efficiency is only one of the many advantages of a foundation under the umbrella of Fondation des Fondateurs. Another advantage is the flexibility with which founders can implement their individual concerns.


Pooled resources

Thanks to foundation pooling in the form of joint legal structures, the establishment of foundations under the roof of an umbrella foundation is simpler, faster and more flexible than setting up an independent foundation.


A network of expertise

Through the members of the foundation board and the management team, who are closely networked in the national and international foundation sector, Fondation des Fondateurs has access to first-class knowhow in the fields of philanthropy, foundation law, foundation management and asset management. It maintains a lively exchange with SwissFoundations and its members as well as the other umbrella foundations active in Switzerland.