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Venture Kick

Founded: 2007


From research to market

Switzerland is recognized worldwide as a top research location. But compared to the US, there is a problem with the Swiss innovation chain. Too few of the high-calibre research results are translated into products and enterprises; the potential to create high value added jobs is not exploited. This is where the Venture Kick pre-seed fund comes in:

Venture Kick's objective is the early-stage identification and promotion of business ideas at Swiss universities. The fund serves as a launch pad to enable young researchers to turn their results into products, companies and jobs more quickly and more successfully. Intensive coaching is provided to guide projects from the initial business idea to the founding of a company in only 9 months. Up to CHF 130,000 in start capital is paid over three stages.

Every month, potential startups have an opportunity to present their promising business ideas to a jury of successful entrepreneurs and investors. With a 50% chance of getting through, the competition is high. The aim is to make startups both fit for investors and marketable. More than 250 startup companies established since 2007 have received over CHF 600 million in additional financing and created over 3000 new jobs.

Grant applications

Venture Kick does not accept grant applications.

Advisory Board

  • Dr. Pascale Vonmont, Gebert Rüf Stiftung
  • Dr. Suzanne Schenk, ERNST GÖHNER Stiftung
  • Dr. Igor Fisch, Selexis AG
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