Fondation des Fondateurs

Flexible – efficient – inexpensive

FdF ensures that you as a founder will flexibly and efficiently achieve your individual grant-making goals. The services provided by the umbrella foundation include the handling of administrative, tax, legal and organizational affairs.

Particularly advantageous for small and medium-sized endowments

A partnership with the FdF is especially interesting for smaller and medium-sized endowments, as it establishes a favourable relationship between administrative overheads and donation volume. We do not charge minimum fees in terms of the funds endowed.

Bespoke solutions

FdF provides the following services to help promote charitable organisations and projects at home and abroad:

  • utmost flexibility in structuring your foundation idea;
  • establishment of your foundation in the legal form of a dependent foundation, i.e. a foundation fund with its own name;
  • integration of your existing foundation under the umbrella of FdF;
  • bespoke services to suit your requirements;
  • unbiased advice independent of financial service providers;
  • competent and experienced support;
  • your access to the network of the leading Swiss foundation association, SwissFoundations.

Low costs

Thanks to the foundation pooling, i.e the shared legal structure, setting up the foundation is easier, faster and more flexible.

Due to the administrative pooling, i.e. the joint administration, the management of your foundation is more cost-efficient. Dedicated foundation fund assets are managed together with the overall assets held by the umbrella foundation FdF. Nevertheless, the individual fund assets are reported separately, and can be increased at any time. Based on the asset pooling, i.e. the joint management of the individual foundation assets, the cost-value ratio is unrivalled.

Outstanding expertise

We pool our know-how to bring together expertise and experience in the provision of competent and efficient solutions related to grant-making strategies, legal concerns, and financial aspects.

Good Governance

Through the integration in the umbrella foundation your foundation is 'automatically' taxexempt. It is also regulated by the Swiss Federal Supervisory Board for Foundations (ESA).

Network access

Through the umbrella foundation’s membership in SwissFoundations, the association of Swiss grant-making foundations, your foundation has access to its network and events.

Protected against negative developments

The strong organisation and structure of our umbrella foundation (governance, independence, expertise, control) protects your foundation from negative developments that may otherwise place many independent foundations at risk (e.g. implications relating to conflicts of interest, disagreement concerning the founder's vision, dilution of the foundation purpose, dependence on expensive service providers, etc.).

Do you have any questions?
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How do I set up a foundation?

A foundation can be set up by one or more persons. It involves irrevocably donating assets to a particular purpose. It is at the discretion of the founders to select their purpose, provided it is charitable in nature and satisfies the statutory requirements. Furthermore, the foundation board and its domicile must be defined, and the regulatory authority selected according to the geographic focus. It is wise to submit the foundation deed to the regulatory and tax authorities prior to registration. Then it must be notarised, and tax exemption can be applied for after acceptance by the Supervisory Board for Foundations.

Your advantage with the FdF:

We handle all matters relating to the establishment of your foundation, in keeping with our motto: "You donate, we do the rest." You define the purpose, the amount of foundation capital, and appoint members to the foundation board. We deal with all administrative tasks involved in the establishment of your foundation. Your foundation is 'automatically' tax exempted through integration within the umbrella foundation.

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