Fondation des Fondateurs

Our services are tailored precisely to suit your needs

Before setting up the foundation

  • assessment: independent or dependent foundation;
  • evaluation of alternatives, e.g. cooperation with other foundations, donations to other foundations;
  • clarification of legal and tax issues;
  • discussion of specific financial or administrative services and asset management;
  • development of a schedule: establishment, financial planning, start of foundation activities;
  • asset management on behalf of the foundation.

While setting up the foundation

  • preparation of the foundation fund charter;
  • definition of the foundation purpose;
  • opening of the individual bookkeeping;
  • opening of the bank accounts.

After setting up the foundation

  • administrative management of the foundation fund;
  • handling of payments;
  • issue of charitable donation certificates;
  • bookkeeping (external service provider);
  • preparation of the annual report;
  • auditing according to SWISS GAAP FER 21 (external service provider);
  • reporting to the Swiss Federal Supervisory Board for Foundations;
  • presentation of the foundation on the FdF website, and linking to any eventual foundation website;
  • archiving of foundation documents.

Additional services by arrangement and required effort

  • asset management by third parties (partners);
  • project selection and support;
  • ‘hosting’ of current independent foundations;
  • management of foundations outside of FdF.

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What is a dedicated foundation fund?

Operationally, a dedicated foundation fund is managed precisely like an independent foundation, but remains legally and administratively embedded within the umbrella foundation. The purpose, objectives, activities of the fund and its capitalisation are defined in a charter when setting up a dedicated foundation fund.

Your advantage with the FdF:

We ensure that you, as a founder, can flexibly and efficiently achieve the purpose of your foundation. The services provided by the umbrella foundation include administrative, tax, legal and organizational issues.


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