Fondation des Fondateurs

Efficient implementation of your foundation idea

Whose needs is the Fondation des Fondateurs best equipped to serve?

Potential founders seeking to

  • donate assets to a dedicated, newly established foundation;
  • make sporadic donations to charitable organisations.

Active founders seeking to

  • convert an independent foundation to a dependent foundation;
  • find a domicile for an independent foundation;
  • delegate management of their foundation.

We do not focus on foundations whose assets come exclusively from public fundraising.

General or dedicated foundation fund?

We ensure that your donations are money well spent. You can choose between the general and a dedicated foundation fund – entirely to suit your needs and/or your preferences.

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Your benefits with the Fondation des Fondateurs

We ensure that you benefit from many advantages in implementing your foundation idea, without surrendering freedom and irrespective of the resources at your disposal.

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Our services

We offer a broad range of services to cater to the needs of future founders and to execute the complete package of individual foundation ideas from A to Z.

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Asset management

You have the liberty to decide how your assets are managed. You can either entrust this task to the financial institution of your choice, or consult with our financial partner to identify a suitable investment strategy.

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The costs

Foundations always come at a cost. But we keep these expenses as low as possible and rigorously transparent.

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When is it sensible to set up a foundation?

Foundations are always sensible – however large or small the endowment may be. The challenge in respect to foundations is to find the most efficient form. Here, the spectrum extends from a personal, independent foundation, through to a one-time donation to an existing foundation.

Your advantage with the FdF:

As an umbrella foundation, FdF offers dependent foundations and smaller endowments a system of administrative pooling, asset management and project support.


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