Fondation des Fondateurs

Our competence is built on four pillars

What are our competences?

  • We maintain outstanding national and international networks.
  • Our foundation board and our office possess several decades of experience.
  • The work we conduct on behalf of innumerable foundations provides us with answers to the most crucial questions.
  • We are seasoned experts within the foundation sector.

Opening a door to an extensive network

We give you access to an extensive network, firstly through contact with other foundations operating within the FdF umbrella organisation, and secondly through access to the numerous events and workgroups organised by SwissFoundations, the association of Swiss charitable foundations.

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Proven expertise acquired through experience

The members of the foundation board, who are actively involved in the consulting services, and also the management dispose of decades of experience in different foundations. Moreover, the members of the foundation board and management regularly publish articles and books on topics of relevance to the world of foundations.

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We are seasoned experts within the foundation industry

Philipp Egger and Thomas Sprecher are co-authors of the standard reference book "Swiss Foundation Code 2015", which also contains an extensive glossary of foundations. We provide you with an online copy of this glossary here.

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FAQ – Most questions have already been asked

Here you will find a collection of the most frequently asked questions concerning FdF and the foundation sector. We provide a broad spectrum of knowledge thanks to our collaboration with many individual foundations.

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Do you have any questions?
Please feel free to contact us.

You can reach us by telephone on: +41 44 251 05 45 and by email under: 

Swiss Foundation Code 2015

The gold standard for foundations: the 3 concise principles and 29 extensively annotated recommendations contained in the Swiss Foundation Code set new international standards:

  • It is a broadly defined and practical tool in one
  • It applies best practice as its benchmark
  • It has proven its practical value since 2005:

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